Bica Funicular

Bica Funicular
The Bica Funicular (Tram) and the street it is on, is the most photographed location in Lisbon. To get there, go to a street called Calçada do Combro which leads uphill from Praça Luis de Camões. Approximately 300 metres up from this street, on the left hand side, you will arrive at the Bica Funicular.
This funicular was originally powered by a counter- balance of water weights and cables and dates back to 1892. A round trip ride on the Bica costs €3.60 and you pay when you get off at the bottom.
Bica is a local name for this district and we believe it refers to the ancient system of water networks that service the area…. Some of the locals even refer to their espresso coffee as ‘Bica’ in deference to the water that their coffee is made from!!!

Map Location: Bica Funicular   This Map Location is at the top of the Bica Line