Breakfast in a Lisbon Garden

Esplanada Café

The weekend is here again so there is no need to jump out of bed early and rush your breakfast. I found the perfect spot for your morning fuel in a beautiful garden in the district of Principe Real.

Much thought has gone into the planning of Lisbon, there is a great mixture of Miradouro (viewing points), Praça (Squares) and Riverside locations for people to hang out and enjoy, good conversation, a coffee, a beer or a snack. Although the majority of these places are wonderful and provide great focal points and landmarks for rendezvous, recharging or refreshments they can often be very busy with tourists.

That’s where Lisbon’s gardens fill the void and there is a magnificent little park on Rua Dom Pedro V. It’s called Jardim do Principe Real and it’s the perfect location to relax in a bustling city which is preparing for the weekend ahead.

The district of Principe Real certainly has a royal charm, with lavish shops, eccentric bars and its fair share of great restaurants. Nestled among all of this is Esplanada Café. Visible from the main street this glass house styled café offers a refuge for you to take some time out for yourself and the best way to describe the breakfast menu is ‘really nice’. The large trees surrounding the café act as a barrier to everything else around you and although the people watching is great, if you’re like me, you’ll also love their canine friends too!

The menu isn’t fussy and although the portions are generous Esplanada is based on quality not bulk. Eggs on toast, pancakes garnished with edible flowers or Nata accompanied by fresh juice and coffee are some of your choices. If the weather is on your side and it normally is, then try to get seated at an outdoor table before the morning sun rises too high.

When you are in the garden, check out the 100-year-old Mexican Cypress Tree, held up by an iron frame, it’s impressive.

When the weather is on your side (it normally is) why not have your eggs sunny side up. The best way to describe Esplanada Cafe is ‘Really Nice’.

Esplanada Cafe location click here: Esplanada Cafe