British Bar

British Bar - Spies & Secrets 
The British Bar is a place for a quiet beer for those who like a bit of nostalgia. It's definitely not an oil painting and when there on a couple of occasions it was mainly frequented by locals even though this was not always the case.
During World War 11 , like some other European countries Portugal remained neutral to events and its mainland continental location must have served as a sanctuary on the edge of what was chaos. Lisbon was identified by the warring parties as a city where their international spies could gather to take rest, shelter and relay their stories. It's a pity that the bar doesn't embrace this history as the potential to share it is clearly evident but ignored. So like us, order that beer and let your imagination take over and try to get that sense of mystique which must have encapsulated this bar.
How to find the British Bar:  It's located before you head up Rua do Alecreim (where Pensão Amor is located), look to your right when facing up the street and it's about 70 metres away.

Address: Rua Bernardino Costa, 52-54 1200-053 Lisbon Portugal  
Website: No website available