Castelo São Jorge  

Castelo São Jorge  
Castelo de São Jorge is also located close to the area of Alfama and dates back to the mid 11th century. You can walk up here but it's a bit of a hike and most probably you will pass it by on Tram 28. Hop off the tram at Largo De Santa Luzia and follow the well posted signs which will take you on a short uphill walk to the castle. Entry costs €8.50 per person and you'll find open gardens, fortified walls & towers plus a permanent exhibition/interpretive centre. To refresh, there is a cafe within the site as well as a shop to purchase gifts and toilets are also available.
It’s the site of many battles, defeated Kings and new rulers and the perfect location for centuries of visitors to keep a close eye on the comings and goings of this ancient city … If you feel a cold chill over your shoulder, believe it or not, it could be a Celt from 48 BC.

You can see the amazing views of Lisbon from Castelo São Jorge in the photo below

Map Location: Castelo São Jorge