Largo do Carmo

Largo do Carmo
Largo do Carmo is a small but beautiful square in the heart of the city which also brings its fair share of history. It's a lovely place to take some time out and relax with a cold drink on a warm day and hosts one of Lisbon's trademark Kiosks. We always visit this stunning square when in Lisbon. 

The square is where the Revolution of April 25
th 1974 took place and it’s because of the bravery of men such as Lisbon hero Captain Salgueiro Maia that you can enjoy a cold beer at the Kiosk located here. So have that beer and raise your glass to salute the brave men and women of Lisbon who risked their lives to end the 48 year Salazar dictatorship.

There is an entrance beside where the sentry guards are standing in the square. Here you'll find a museum dedicated to the Republican Guard and it's free admission. It's an interesting museum and only takes a few minutes to look through, so do go inside to learn a little more about the revolution.

Map Location:  Largo do Carmo