Lunch in Belem

Rui Dos Pregos
Most visitors to Lisbon will take a trip out to Belem to see the magnificent sights including two UNESCO World Heritage attractions. If you haven't planned on a trip out here then I suggest that you included it in your schedule, it only takes 20 mins on the Tram or Bus to pop out here. I always suggest that you if you are planning a full day of sights, you should try to get an early start and Belem is no exception as there is lots to see. 

You are most likely to spend the full morning in Belem and if you are looking for a wonderful lunch experience to round off your trip then I found a great local spot for you, it's called Rui Dos PregosThis restaurant has a true community feel to it and as soon as you enter you realise that you have stumbled into a special little place. The seating is arranged in a communal bench style, with paper table cloths and shared condiments, just like you'd expect in your local hall or sports club. The staff are super friendly and don't be afraid to ask the person next to you for their own advice on the menu, they are most likely to be frequent diners in this establishment. 

Rui Dos Presgos specialises in fresh seafood but also has local sausage and pork dishes. There are plates of seafood displayed in a chilled cabinet and if you prefer, you can chose you options directly from here. The food is simply great, the atmosphere is as local as you can get and the prices are incredibly reasonable for the food which will be served to you.

If you have room for more dessert and it's a hot day, then pop in next door for some refreshing homemade ice cream, they're probably the largest scoops I've ever seen and again very reasonably priced!

Getting there: Use your Tram stop as your starting landmark, it's close to Pasteis de Belem (I'll blog that later). Walk back in the direction of Lisbon staying on your left had side of the street passing by Pasteis de Belem and keep walking for about 5 minutes and you're there.

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Map location click here: Rui Dos Pregos