Miradouro Santa Catarina

Miradouro Santa Catarina
This is another viewing point and this time, rather than the city, the Miradouro Santa Catarina offers the best views from Lisbon of the river Tagus, April 25th Bridge and Statue of Christ. It's a wonderful spot to see the sun set in Lisbon and you'll find a bohemian audience joining you to take in the magic.
It's very close to the Bica Funicular and when you arrive there you won't believe how close to the city centre you are, yet you feel a million miles away! To get there, keep walking past the Funicular and take your next left turn down a narrow street walk to the end and you have arrived.
There is another famous Lisbon Kiosk here to relax and have a beer or just sit out on the platform and take in the incredible panoramic views. 
Noobai restaurant which is really good for casual dining ,lunch etc is located in the right hand corner as you look out over the river Tagus and Pharmacia is behind you if you want something more upmarket or to sit in their beautiful garden while enjoying a cocktail. 
Take advantage of these Miradouro, they are dotted throughout the city and cost you nothing. 

Map Location: Miradouro Santa Catarina