Monastery of St Vincente

Monastery of St Vincente
At Largo De Santa Luzia you'll see a statue dedicated to St Vincent who is the patron saint of Lisboa. When looking at the statue you will notice the St Vincente Monastery in the background and it's only a short walk away.  You can't but notice the blue and white tiles which decorate the exteriors and interiors of Lisbon and the entrance to the monastery is no different with its 18th century tiles telling the history of the Monastery, which includes scenes of the Siege of Lisbon in 1147. Tram 28 will drop you off at Largo De Santa Luzia. 

Just to the right of the statue of St Vincent is another viewing platform with great views of the river and city. The flag of Lisbon is also dedicated to St Vincent and it depicts his body being transported from the Algarve to Lisbon under the watchful eye of two Ravens.

While up at the Monastery also check out the National Pantheon, it only took them 336 years to build, from 1630 to 1966, so let’s hope you think that it was worth the effort and you'll find a seriously impressive dome inside. In the photo below is the Statue of St Vincente and the towers of the Monastery in the background.

Map Location: Monastery of St Vincente