Pensão Amor

Pensão Amor - Night Owls will love this bar
Pensão Amor is a truly interesting bar and has captured the essence of its bordello history. Located at the bottom of Rua do Alecreim, if you start walking up Rua do Alecreim from the direction of  on the left hand side of the road and reach the first bridge (Pink Street below) , Pensão Amor  is situated just after the bridge.
It’s hard to read the name over the door and it generally has a canopy covering a smoking area. We suggest that you don’t visit during the day as it is definitely geared towards the night owls but DO try to get there one of the evenings for a G&T or Mojito.
The clientele is diverse and the bar has an alternative atmosphere which is dictated by the patrons on the evening. The front lounge has that decadent feel to it, laid out in red and gold furnishings, upholstered arm chairs and dim lamp lit corners. We don't want to give away all the experience Pensão Amor has to offer so work your own way from the front lounge through to the bar and rooms at the back which includes a shop and library.  

Address:  Rua do Alecrim nº 19, 1200-292 Lisboa - Portugal

Pensão Amor is located on the bridge overlooking Pink Street. There is also an entrance via a staircase from Pink Street itself.