Rua Augusta Arch - 360° Views of Lisbon

I have walked through this arch so many times thinking of how impressive it is. Standing proud over Praça do Comércio it surely is one of the most magnificent structures in Lisbon. Built in the aftermath of the earthquake in 1755 the lofty arch reaches over 30 metres (100 ft) tall forming an incredible gateway into downtown Lisbon.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I could actually go to the rooftop of Rua Augusta Arch and I was really surprised with the 360° views of Lisbon which greeted me when I got there.
You take a lift to the first floor where you then continue on a small staircase to complete your accent. When you step out of the lift, there is a designated area where you can read about the history of the arch and it's construction.

Once you reach the rooftop, the views over Lisbon are stunning and offer a fantastic perspective of the city. The Arch dwarfs the bronze horse mounted statue of King José I which stands below looking out towards the River Tagus.

Downtown Lisbon stretches out behind you with Rua Augusta thrusting through to the historic district of Rossio. Rossio was the communal area that was the preferred location for social events including the many executions of the Portuguese Inquisition and today Rossio is still a popular location for locals and tourists alike to meet up.

Up the hill to the right you are looking at the fortress of Castelo de São Jorge with the picture book rooftops of Alfama below. Looking over your left shoulder you'll see the Lisbon Cathedral and to the right the River Tagus stretches out past the April 25th Bridge.

To get to the rooftop: Walk through the Arch from the direction of the square. You'll notice a glass door to your right hand side and this is the entrance to the Rua Augusta Arch.

Map Location click here: Rua Augusta Arch