Sintra is yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site and you won’t be disappointed with Sintra. The only problem you may have with Sintra is time. If you are only over in Lisbon for the weekend, then time is not your friend here as Sintra is definitely a full day out and you need an early start. You can take a bus from Cascais or a train from Lisbon. We are reliably informed that if you take the train from Lisbon during the daytime it’s fine but you may feel a little nervous returning home if it is dark, so check out alternative modes of transport if possible. However please do not let this comment deter you from making the effort to get there.

We won't attempt to give a history lesson of Sintra but we can give you a brief description. Although the town of Sintra is compact, sitting high up in the mountains above Cascais, the district of Sintra is vast.  It’s split into many parts and we only managed to visit the colourful palace of Pena as we arrived too late in the day.

Sintra Sights

  1. The Pena Palace – Colourful turrets and distinctive Moorish look.
  2. The National Palace – Impressive white chimneys.
  3. The Moorish Castle – Obviously more  Moorish than Pena.
  4. The Quinta da Regaleira – Extravagant mansion with gardens & underground tunnels.
  5. Monserrate Palace – Summer retreat for royalty.
  6. Pena Park – Massive forest and gardens which surround Pena Palace.
  7. Palacio Condessa de Edla – Romantic Royal hideaway.