Tapa Bucho - Tapas & Pinchos

A Chance Encounter 

The thing I like most about Lisbon is finding the hidden gems and Tapa Bucho is exceptional. I was staying in the district of Barrio Alto and when heading out on a Friday night when I passed a small restaurant on the street where I was staying. A few people standing outside, chatter seeping out of the small windows and narrow doorway, this place was packed out at 7.10 pm with a queue outside. Duly noted, I went back on Saturday to look for a table for two…. No chance packed again so I asked to book a table for Sunday… ‘sorry Sir we’re closed and don’t take bookings but yes we’re here on Monday’…

Monday it was and when we arrived at 6.54 pm it was closed but opened at 7.00 pm … no problem, we waited and in the six minutes standing there the queue promptly formed behind us, others coming around the corner guided by google maps joined the ever growing crowd. By the time that we sat down and looked around, this joint was full to the brim. Wow!!!

As the name suggests this is a Tapas Restaurant. The menu was nice and concise, plenty of choice with fantastic fish, meat and vegetarian options, the burgers also looked tasty too. The staff were particularly great and guided us through the menu with a real passion for the food they were serving. Prices are very reasonable and the only thing you’ll struggle with is finding better value in Lisbon.


Tapa Bucho is a wonderfully quaint restaurant with limited capacity, probably seating only 20+ people and coupled with its low ceilings it’s akin to sitting in someone’s kitchen.

I highly recommend that you find this backstreet wonder - It’s your own loss if you don’t!!!

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