The Carnation Revolution

The Revolution of April 25th 1974

The Carnation Revolution overthrew the authoritarian regime of the Estado Novo which ruled Portugal from 1932 to 1974 under the leadership of the fascist dictator called Salazar. The revolution was a peaceful event led by a military revolt and supported by the masses and with hardly a shot fired.

They call it the Carnation Revolution because many of the soldiers placed carnation flowers in the barrels of their guns and others wore them in their lapels. The 25th of April is now celebrated every year throughout Portugal and is commonly known as Freedom Day.

You must visit a beautiful square in Lisbon called Largo do Carmo, as this is the site where the revolution culminated with the eventual surrender of the regime and some of the attached photos were taken in this square. Here you'll also find a free to enter Museum dedicated to the National Guard and which tells the tale of the final push for freedom.

We visit the square of Largo do Carmo every time we travel to Lisbon. There is a lovely Kiosk here where we can buy a beer and raise a glass to thank those who freed this amazing country and the city of Lisbon. I'm sure that the energy which we find in Lisbon comes from this square and the people who never gave up on democracy.

Thinking about a revolution - There's a song in there somewhere!!!

Netty raising a class to the revolutionaries of 25th April 1974

Purple flowers burst from the Lisbon trees in the month of May, transforming the already beautiful Lisbon into what must be considered one of the most stunning cities in the world. 

Entrance to the free Museum is through these doors.

Relax by the Kiosk at Largo do Carmo!!!