Uncover the secrets of Bairro Alto

Bar Janela da Atalaia
On the surface Bairro Alto can seem superficial and almost contrived but that is far from the truth. The district of Bairro Alto is a thriving community with centuries of history and culture which is focused on a local community providing a heartbeat to this district. 
There's a mix of experiences in Bairro Alto and if you want to find the heartbeat, avoid the discount bars and student haunts. The bars, cafes and restaurants in Bairro Alto which project cool, generally are cool, so trust your instinct and you'll meet great people in great places.
I met Fred at Janela da Atalaia and he and his bar are very cool indeed. Fred grew up in Bairro Alto and he now serves his peers in a bar which offers genuine service in a genuinely local Lisbon bar. Great beer, great music and great conversation are the hallmark of a great bar and Bar Janela da Atalaia exceeds, so check it out and don't be shy!!!

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Map Location:  Bar Janela da Atalaia